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Gardeners love all kind of plants. We love them so much that every gardener in the world, regardless where she comes from, shares the same dream: we wish we had enough space in our garden for all sorts of plants and flowers in the world. Santa, would you please make our wish come true?

Above all, roses are widely considered as the most special group of plants in any gardens. Many gardeners even go very extreme, saying that: it is a not a true garden without any roses. Therefore, the most enthusiastic gardeners tend to add a few roses to their garden every year.

Nonetheless, selecting roses is hard. It is extremely hard if gardening and roses truly mean a lot to you! It usually takes even the most experienced gardeners a few months per year to select just a few roses for their garden. If you are new to roses, you may not believe that many serious gardeners’ wish list for roses is very messy. A rose is usually put in and out of the list literally a thousand times before we buy one.

The Right Roses: Why Is It So Hard to Select?

It is incredibly hard to select The Right Roses for your garden. It is particularly true when you only want the very best, i.e., ‘Only The Very Best Will Do’.

First, roses are not the same. In other words, roses are not a commodity without any characters or personality. A rose has her breeder, e.g., David Austin, Kordes, Tantau, to name a few. A rose has her introduction year, e.g., 2021. Above all, a rose has her own personality, like a person. Choosing a rose is choosing a friend that you would spend a lot of time with in your garden.

Second, there are so, so many roses to choose from. The set of roses available on the market is just so overwhelming. Believe it or not, there are over 30,000 varieties of roses worldwide. It is certainly not an easy task to understand the personality of even a tiny subset of those 30,000 rose varieties. In addition, rose breeders keep introducing many new roses to the market each year to make it even harder to make the decision. For instance, Kordes, which is arguably one of the best rose breeding companies in the world, introduced 8 new varieties to the market in 2021 alone.

Third, buying a rose is a thing that anyone can do. Being able to discern and appreciate even the subtlest characters of a rose takes years of research, experiences, and expertise. Roses from a different breeder tends to have distinct personalities, compared with the ones from other breeders. For example, David Austin roses do look and behave very differently to Tantau roses, even though the latter also has their Nostalgic Roses® collection.

Fourth, gardeners tend to have their own favourite rose breeder. Therefore, it is extremely hard to find a completely unbiased and reliable opinion about a rose or a group of roses. In addition, an average gardener tends to be familiar with a very small subset of roses, e.g., 10 – 50 roses. Consequently, gardeners must listen to those experts who have spent years painstakingly researching a very wide range of roses from a wide range of breeders to have a reliable understanding of the roses.

the poet's wife rose review the right roses score best top garden store david austin english roses rose products rose rating the right leap rose food fertilizer
Rose ‘The Poet’s Wife’. Photo credit: The Right Roses

The Right Roses Score: The Most Reliable Way to Select Roses for Rose Connoisseurs

The team at The Right Roses is proud to help the gardeners with any level of experience, ranging from beginners, enthusiasts, or connoisseurs with The Right Roses Score. Choosing a rose is a lot easier and more fun with The Right Roses Score. Our rose rating system is the best in the world because:

  1. It is completely unbiased. We do not earn any commissions from any rose breeders. We make the most comprehensive roses keeping the best interest of gardeners in mind. Consequently, gardeners tend to have a lot more positive rose experience if they read our expert-reviews before buying roses.
  2. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of the whole rose category. We evaluate a very wide range of roses, such as English roses, Harkness roses, Kordes roses, Tantau roses, and so on. It is too limited if you only choose to grow roses from one breeder, no matter how famous a breeder is. The rose world is much more fascinating and beautiful than that. Life would much more interesting if you understand and are able to tell the best things and the most recent developments from the best rose breeders in the world.
  3. It is quantitatively reliable. The Right Roses Score quantitatively assesses the most important attributes, which are extremely influential to the performance of a rose in your garden. Even better, we categorize roses into different rose tiers, such as Average, Good, Very Good, and so on. By using The Right Roses Score, gardeners can confidently conclude:
    1. how much a rose is better than others;
    2. how the rose under consideration is compared with the rest of roses on the market;
    3. and, specifically, the dimensions that the rose under consideration is good or bad.

The Right Roses: Rose Tiers

Range of The Right Roses ScoreDescription
0 – 4.9Below average
5 – 5.9Average
6 – 6.9Good
7 – 7.9Very good
8 – 8.9Outstanding
9 – 10.0Extraordinary

The Right Roses Score: How Good is the ‘Good Rose Tier’?

This is a fascinating question. We will write about this topic in our next article: how good is the good rose tier at The Right Roses? Please stay tuned.

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where is your scores of the rose, I cant find it on this website

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