Who Are We?

We are a team of passionate gardeners in the United Kingdom, with decades of experiences in growing all varieties of roses, such as David Austin roses, Kordes roses, and Tantau roses.

Our mission:

  1. To improve the rose experiences of rose-lovers all over the world;
  2. To give a helping hand to our planet;
  3. To develop The Right Roses | RightRoses.com as the best website about roses in the world.

What Makes Us Different?

If there was one lesson that we have learned over decades of growing roses, it would be that ‘there is no right rose for every garden’. Each rose has her own characteristics: shade tolerance, fragrance strength, bloom size, disease resistance, and so on. As gardeners, we must appreciate those characteristics as much as we treasure her blooms and fragrance.

Our brand is positioned toward rose-lovers all over the world with all experience levels, whether you are a rose beginner, rose enthusiast, or rose connoisseur.

The Right Roses is superior to any other gardening websites in the world because of the following characteristics:

  1. The best rose rating system in the world, which we call, The Right Roses Score. The Right Roses Score has been trusted by millions of gardeners around the world;
  2. The best, in-depth rose reviews of a wide range of rose varieties. Each review includes the most thorough, painstakingly observed, and recorded insights that you never find anywhere else;
  3. Our rose reviews are absolutely unbiased. We do NOT earn any commissions from any rose breeders;
  4. Frequently updated information about the most recent introductions by the main rose breeders;
  5. A highly interactive platform among gardeners all over the world. You can provide your own rose reviews and comments as well as reading the existing reviews and comments submitted by other members;

What Do We Support?

The Right Roses supports two causes, including:

  1. ‘The Best Rose Experience’ of gardeners. The team at The Right Roses commits ourselves to improving your rose experiences by providing every single detail of a wide range of roses so that you know what to expect before planting them;
  2. ‘Together We Protect This Planet’. The team at The Right Roses was devastated when we learnt the wildfires spanning Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. We believe that there are many things in life we cannot do. However, no matter how small our actions are (e.g., having one more rose in your garden), when combined, they can make a big difference to our planet.

Everything we do at The Right Roses will support these two causes. We hope you have a lovely time at RightRoses.com.

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