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'Rose Review' Series Color: White & Cream Disease resistance: Excellent Disease resistance: Good Flowering: Repeat flowering Fragrance: light Rose: Shrub rose Shrub size: Medium (4 ft)

Tranquillity Rose Review | David Austin 2016

Tranquillity Rose


Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerance of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Best for cutting and arrangements
  • Incredibly gorgeous
  • Forming an attractive shrub


  • The 'used tissue' problem
  • Being discoloured in rain
  • Healthy ranging between 'good - average'
  • Not thornless
  • 'Light' fragrance strength



English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin


David Austin

Beautifully rounded flowers, with neatly placed petals making up perfect rosettes. The buds are lightly tinged with yellow but as the flowers open they become pure white. A vigorous shrub; its growth is bushy and upright, clothed in light green foliage, curving outwards in a most attractive manner. With its pure white flowers, this rose lives up to its name. David Austin, 2012.

The Right Roses:

David Austin introduced Tranquillity for the UK in 2012 along with other two magnificent varieties, Boscobel and Royal Jubilee. The way he named this rose is slightly different to his recent practice. This rose was given the name, Tranquillity, due to her pure white color.

Before talking more about this rose, we would like to make sure that we are all on the same page. In other words, the readers know exactly the rose variety we are talking about. The name of this rose could be slightly confusing to many, indeed. We are reviewing rose ‘Tranquillity’, which has two ‘L’ in her name, introduced by David Austin in 2012.  Her appellation isAusnoble’. On the other hand, rose ‘Tranquility’ with one ‘L’ is a US rose, bred by John Clements in 2004.

In the recent years, David Austin has named many of their new roses after literacy characters, such as Bathsheba (2016), The Mill On The Floss (2018),  Emily Bronte (2018), Eustacia Vye (2019), Gabriel Oak (2019), Silas Marner (2020), and The  Country Parson (2020). We particularly like the way David Austin chose literary characters for their new roses. Roses bring us an enormous amount of joy, happiness, and emotions. And, there would be nothing better than literature to be associated with roses. Therefore, naming roses after literacy characters truly give them a new level of attractiveness.

Coming back to our rose, Tranquillity is a good white rose. If you would like to choose a white rose for cutting and arrangements, Tranquillity is a great candidate.


If you would like to choose a white rose for cutting and arrangements, Tranquillity is a great candidate”.

The Right Roses |


Tranquillity rose: The pros

  • Best for cutting

Tranquillity rose has three main strengths.

First, Tranquillity rose is one of the very best roses for cutting and arrangements. We, at The Right Roses, are avid supporters of roses which last long. Roses give us so much joy when we see a big flush of blooms on their bush. Nonetheless, it is really another type of happiness when we bring them inside. We all know that the fragrance strength of roses is not something which stay constant all the time. Sometimes their (strong) fragrance comes to us as a surprise. Some may find this upsetting, while we love it as a beauty of nature. Therefore, we may miss the moment when our roses smell absolutely at their best. Bringing them inside gives us a better chance to be able to capture that moment. In addition, for those gardeners living in the warmer climates, bringing roses inside is one way to prolong their lives. Therefore, being rated as one the best roses for cutting is a major plus for us.

David Austin has introduced several great roses with long-lasting blooms such as Jubilee Celebration, Golden Celebration and Princess Alexandra of Kent. In general, their blooms can last 5 – 6 days in the sun. In the rain, their blooms may last shorter.

If you would like to buy roses being best as cut flowers, you may want to consider Boscobel, Charlotte, Darcey Bussel, Golden Celebration, Graham Thomas, Jubilee Celebration, Lady of Shalott, Molineux, Munstead Wood, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Teasing Georgia, The Alnwick Rose, Windermere, and of course Spirit of Freedom.

We would like to make an extra comment about the vase life of roses to make it clearer for the readers. What do we mean by ‘last 5 – 6 days’? Some gardeners may think that their roses of the same varieties in their gardens last much longer. Here is our response. That is definitely the beauty of nature. A lot of factors may influence how long a bloom lasts. The weather. The heat. The month of the year. And, the soil in the garden. However, what do we mean by ‘last 5 – 6 days’? We refer the vase (or stem) life of a bloom to the number of days in which the bloom is truly at its best. That means the number of days that a fully opened bloom is truly at its best and you do not feel like its best moment has been over. Therefore, a flower bud may take one or two weeks to go from the bud stage to completely shatter. However, once it fully blooms, its life is significantly shorter. We have to say that Jubilee Celebration, Golden Celebration and Princess Alexandra of Kent produce very long-lasting blooms. Even at their fully opened best, they can easily last 5 – 6 more days in vase or on stems. For your information, we have a silly habit. We would like to deadhead the blooms as soon as their best moment is over so that the plant can focus their energy for the next flush and repeat better. For instance, we usually deadhead The Ancient Mariner and Royal Jubilee about 2-3 days after they fully bloom. It takes a lot of time and effort to deadhead, we know. However, it is good for the roses and for us because we would have more blooms to enjoy.

Second, Tranquillity rose produces incredibly gorgeous blooms. They represent the purity which can be mixed so well with other colors in your garden.

Third, Tranquillity rose forms a relatively attractive bush (4ft x 4ft). She has an upright growth habit without long, arching octopus canes. If you want some roses which do not bring the messy look to your garden, Tranquillity rose must be one of the alternatives for you to consider. However, you should plant her closer to the back of the border for a couple of reasons. We will get to this point when we discuss her weaknesses.

Tranquillity rose: The cons

Tranquillity rose has five main weaknesses.

First, you would have to deadhead her very frequently. This is a problem with many white roses, not only Tranquillity. White roses are incredibly beautiful when they are not yet at their best or at the best. However, once their best moment is over, they look slightly like an “used tissue”. Some gardeners think that, white roses tend to have a “dirty look” at the end of their life cycle, which is not totally attractive.  Tranquillity may have brown petals, which do not fall cleanly. Therefore, to keep your garden neat and attractive, you may want to deadhead all the spent blooms as quickly as possible. For some gardeners, it is a burden. However, to us at The Right Roses, it does not matter much. As we mentioned above, we deadhead our roses extremely frequently. During the summer, probably every two days or even every day. It is probably our hobby (just keep deadheading!).

Second, again, this is not a problem with only Tranquillity. Her gorgeous color can be discolored (turning brown) in rain. So, if it rains a lot in your area, you may want to keep this in mind.

Third, her disease resistance ranges between ‘good – average’. David Austin suggests that her health is ‘excellent’. However, we think it should be only between ‘good – average’. She can get black spot quite badly if it is a problem in your area. And, thrips!

Fourth, David Austin described Tranquillity as “almost thornless”. However, you should expect thorns, particularly closer to the base of her shrub. If you want a truly almost thornless variety, please read our review of Tea Clipper.

Fifth, her fragrance is not ‘strong’. It is only ‘light’, which is probably hardly detectable to our nose. To us, this must be her biggest weakness! Having long-staying blooms in the vase like Tranquillity without any significant fragrance is very disappointing. Coupled with her discolored blooms in the rain, it would be better to plant her closer to the back of the border.

Tranquillity rose in different climates

To be updated

Tranquillity rose: The similarities

At the moment (Feb 2020), David Austin is offering 10 different varieties of white and cream roses. Each one has her own strengths and weaknesses. And, as it is usually said, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. We will quickly summarize the pros and cons of each variety.

Desdemona is a wonderful variety. She is very floriferous and heavenly fragrant. Probably, every garden should have at least one Desdemona. However, her bloom size is not large. Susan Williams Ellis is a small shrub rose. She is quite healthy and suitable for coastal areas. However, her bloom size is not large. This also applies to Winchester Cathedral. Lichfield Angel forms an attractive shrub. However, it is not the most productive repeater. Claire Austin is a wonderful climber. She is very healthy and floriferous. However, her blooms blow away very fast, particularly in heat (2 days).

Tranquillity rose: The details

Height & Spread: 4ft x 4ft Color: White Fragrance: Light
Fragrance notes: Fruity Flowering: Repeat Flowering Suitable for containers: Yes
Sun exposure: Full sunlight Bloom size: Large (3.5 – 4’’ or 9 – 10 cm) Disease resistance: Good (The Right Roses), Excellent (David Austin)
Zones: Zones 5-11 Petal count: 110 petals Sub type: English Musk Hybrid

Photo credit: The Right Roses | and


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8 months ago

I absolutely adore this rose & have several of her growing in my garden, regarding fragrance I am a little surprised that you say it is light. For me, Tranquility has a medium fragrance & smells of green apple shampoo. My friend, who is also a rose lover says it makes her mouth water as she smells it. As you say – it does make a great, long -lasting cut flower. The colour is best described as a white with a hint of green/lemon/peach – depending on the season I think. I am a great believer that you only get… Read more »

8 months ago

Spot on with that too, I love my roses to bits – they are like my children so I don’t mind spending lots of time each day caring for them,, thank you for your great & honest reviews, they are most helpful.

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