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Olivia Rose Austin. English rose. David Austin rose. Photo credit: Rose review:
'Rose Review' Series Color: Pink David Austin roses Disease resistance: Excellent Flowering: Repeat flowering Fragrance: light - medium Highest rated roses by gardeners worldwide Ideal: Front of border Ideal: Poor Soil Ideal: Pots & Containers Ideal: Rose Hedge Ideal: Shady areas Rose: Shrub rose

Olivia Rose Austin Rose Review | David Austin 2014

Olivia Rose Austin


Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerant of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Best for health
  • Best for flowering
  • Best for rose borders
  • Best for mixed borders
  • Best for pots and containers
  • Best for small hedges
  • Best for cuttings
  • Best for shady areas
  • Best for poor soil


  • Small blooms: 2 - 3'' or 5 - 7 cm
  • Very light fragrance
  • Does not make a shapely shrub



English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin

David Austin

Pretty buds open to beautiful, cupped rosettes of an even, mid pink colouring. They have a light to medium fruity fragrance. It commences flowering exceptionally early in the season and flowers in flushes until well into the autumn. It forms a very healthy, well-balanced shrub with dark green foliage, which shows off the flowers to the very best effect. Named after the daughter of David Austin Junior and granddaughter of David Austin Senior.David Austin, 2014.

The Right Roses:

David Austin introduced Olivia Rose Austin for the UK in 2014. He named this rose after his granddaughter, the daughter of David Austin Junior. Olivia is also the most popular name for girls in England and Wales in 2017, according to BBC. In the US, Olivia is the 2nd top name for girls in 2017, following Emma.

Olivia Rose Austin has very lady-like qualities. She is cute, pretty, and incredibly delicate. Therefore, many said that Olivia Rose Austin is one of the finest David Austin roses to date. If you are still not convinced, please look at the list below where David Austin voted her as their best at staggering 9 different dimensions. She is the right rose for two set of rosarians: pink-rose lovers and white-rose lovers.

…, many said that Olivia Rose Austin is one of the finest David Austin roses to date. If you are still not convinced, please look at the list below where David Austin voted her as their best at staggering 9 different dimensions”.

The Right Roses |

Olivia Rose Austin: The pros

  • Best for health
  • Best for flowering
  • Best for rose borders
  • Best for mixed borders
  • Best for pots and containers
  • Best for smaller hedges
  • Best for cutting
  • Best for shady areas
  • Best for poor soil                                                                                                                               ..

Olivia Rose Austin has many great traits. One of the best traits is her productivity. David Austin rates her as one of the best for flowering in their Handbook of Roses 2019/2020. She is exceptionally floriferous in all kinds of weathers. Some David Austin roses do not seem to tolerate heat very well. However, it is not the case with Olivia Rose Austin. She is the earliest bloomers in your garden and probably also the last bloomers as well in very late autumn. She does not care about the heat. I am talking about something like 100 F (38 C) or more. While many other roses go half-dormant because of the heat, Olivia Rose Austin still pumps out masses of incredibly pretty blooms. You will never feel like you don’t have enough opportunity to enjoy her beauty. Throughout the year, she rewards your very little effort with no fewer than 3 (!) flushes of blooms. She is also productive that the entire shrub is covered with blooms and blooms. Please allow me to remind you that many other rose varieties only give your 2 main flushes a year.

In addition to her productivity, the blooms of Olivia Rose Austin are exceptionally pretty. Her cupped pale pink flowers never disappoint you. It is a pity that her soft, sweet pink color may disappear in the heat. At that time, Olivia Rose Austin almost look like a white rose. However, this trait could be a plus for those who love white and pink roses. You can really enjoy two rose colors in one shrub, according to the time of the year.

Many gardeners said that sunlight and water are the two most important factors in gardening. Certainly, I agree with that statement. However, that is not enough. When people think about it, three more vital resources are usually disregarded. One, obviously, it is money. Have you ever faced the financial constraint when you fall in love with a plant but cannot afford her? Two, it is space in your garden. I love to have all rose varieties in the world in my little gardens. I have a front garden and a back garden. However, it is not enough for my personal greed: collecting as many roses as I can.

And, three, it is time. How long are you willing to invest in a certain rose variety? Is it possible for you to wait for a new rose about 3 or 4 years to truly get to know her?

Time investment is essential for growing David Austin roses. Olivia Rose Austin blooms nod a little bit in the first year. However, please make sure you give her time to get established. From the 3rd year in your garden, she will look upright. Then, you will be proud of yourself: you have made one of smartest investments so far.

Olivia Rose Austin is an extremely vigorous rose. She is a care-free David Austin rose with the ability to tolerate poor soil. She is one of the best David Austin roses at this aspect. Despite your minimal effort, she can make a 3-4 ft shrub even in the first year as a bare root.

Even better, Olivia Rose Austin is exceptionally healthy. She is one of the best David Austin roses for health in Handbook of Roses 2019/2020. Her attractive foliage without any sight of black spot goes all the way down to the grow.

Olivia rose Austin is also one of the best roses for your shady spot, according to Handbook of Roses 2019/2020. It is just so impressive that she is listed along side other fabulous roses in this aspect, such as Lady of Shalott or Eustacia Vye rose.

Olivia Rose Austin blooms also make good cutting flowers. In general, Olivia Rose Austin lasts about 3-4 day in vase.

Olivia Rose Austin: The cons

Olivia Rose Austin has three weaknesses. First, her flowers are very small. When it is relatively cool in Spring, her bloom size is about 3’’. However, the blooms become smaller in hot weather (2’’).

Second, although David Austin describes her fragrance as “light – medium”, it is actually extremely light. Sometimes, it is very hard to detect her scent.

And third, her vigor may surprise a few gardeners. I always have the impression that she is a small shrub. Probably, that impression comes from her name. According David Austin, she makes a 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft shrub. However, she can make a bigger shrub than that. In particular, in warmer climates, she can be a big shrub, e.g., 4 – 4.5 ft height x 4 ft spread. She can throw out octopus’ arms (3ft – 4 ft) from the center. Therefore, she will not make an attractive shrub at first. However, the shrub looks fuller over time.

Olivia Rose Austin: The similarities

Olivia Rose Austin reminds me of Eglantyne rose. David Austin introduced this rose for the UK in 1994. Eglantyne and Olivia Rose Austin produces soft pink blooms. However, Eglantyne blooms are strongly fragrant, while Olivia Rose Austin scent is very light. In addition, Olivia Rose Austin rose can tolerate shade extremely well while the earlier introduction needs to be planted in full sunlight spots.

Olivia Rose Austin: The details

Height & Spread: 3.5ft x 3.5ft Color: Mid pink Fragrance: Light-medium
Fragrance notes: Fruity Flowering: Repeat flowering Suitable for containers: Yes
Sun exposure: Partial sunlight Bloom size: Small (2 – 3’’ or 5 – 7 cm) Disease resistance: Excellent

Photo credit:

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1 year ago

The colour of Olivia DA is really special. I think it is more light lavender than mid pink. It is a pity that it is a little small. Otherwise, it would be perfect. team
1 year ago
Reply to  Chris

Thank you Chris for your comment. Olivia Rose Austin is an incredibly reliable rose. I agree with you regarding her bloom size. In addition, to me, it is such a pity that she only produces a “light – medium” fragrance.

11 months ago

I found many patents on David Austin roses at Espacenet and have read them for fun, which also on ‘AUSmixture’ or Olivia Rose Austin. In the Description part of the patent, it is stated there that AUSmixture’s average open bloom diameter is 9.5 cm or approximately 3.74 inches. Also the fragrance is said to be ‘strong’. Maybe it is because the age of AUSmixture during the assessment made for the patent documentation was 5 years old. Or because the assessment was in June, when the temperature was mild. But I don’t know better. Just love exploring information about roses. That’s… Read more » team
11 months ago
Reply to  Daim

Dear Daim. We are glad to hear that our website is useful to you. We would like to make sure that all gardeners around the world feel very much a part of The Right Roses community. We all learn from each other and aim at offering richer resources for everyone. Regarding Olivia Rose Austin’s fragrance strength, we would like to say that probably nothing would be more subjective than rose fragrance notes and strengths. Some may detect a very strong one, while others hardly get anything. It is pretty much like fine wine! Your personal taste and your own experience… Read more »

7 months ago

Thrilled with my Olivia rose, absolutely covered in blooms! Please could you review the Lark Ascending, on my November planting list and I would love to read a review on it first! team
7 months ago
Reply to  Pip

Dear Pip,

We terribly apologize for our late reply! For some reason, we did not see your comment.

That sounds absolutely wonderful. We are glad that Olivia Rose Austin does well for you. She is a reliable rose.

Please give us a bit of time. We will surely write a thorough review of Lark Ascending.

In the meantime, please take a look at the two new introductions.

Best wishes,

The Right Roses

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