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Color: Pink David Austin roses Disease resistance: Excellent Fragrance: strong Highest rated roses Rose: Shrub rose

Eustacia Vye Rose Review | David Austin 2019



Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerance of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Fragrance: Strong
  • Extremely vigorous
  • Extremely healthy: excellent
  • Tolerance of shade, wind, and wet: one of the best
  • Upright habit
  • Tolerance of wind: one of the best
  • Beautiful bloom form
  • Excellent repeat flowering
  • Pots and containers: one of the best


  • Eustacia Vye is just too perfect.
  • Her fragrance could be slightly stronger.







English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin

David Austin

“An exceedingly pretty rose of soft, glowing apricot-pink, each bloom packed with numerous delicately ruffled petals. Held on red-tinged stems, the blooms begin as shallow cups, opening to full rosettes, revealing petals of a richer hue, which gradually pale over time. They have a delicious strong fruity fragrance. A very healthy variety; it makes a strong, vigorous shrub with bushy, upright growth. Named after the flawed heroine of Thomas Hardy’s, The Return of the Native. David Austin, 2019”.

The Right Roses:

David Austin introduced Eustacia Vye rose for the UK in 2019. He named this rose after the heroine of The Return of The Native, a highly regarded novel of Thomas Hardy. The book was first published in 1878. If I must describe Eustacia Vye rose in one word, I really cannot. The reason is that I need all the most positive adjectives in the world to talk about Eustacia Vye rose. She is magnificent, incredible, gorgeous… I feel like having ran out of words already. After Gabriel Oak rose, also a new rose in 2019, Eustacia Vye could compete for the second best position. As an evidence, David Austin ran out of stock, both bare root and potted rose for her long time ago (12 April 2019).


After Gabriel Oak rose, also a new rose in 2019, Eustacia Vye could compete for the second best position“.

The Right Roses |

Eustacia Vye rose: The pros

  • Best for pots and containers
  • Best for shady areas
  • Best for windy, wet, and exposed

Eustacia Vye rose is the perfect rose. She has all the positive traits that everyone dreams of.

First, her sweet name will stay in your mind forever.  We particularly like the way David Austin named his roses. The chosen names always fit the roses perfectly. It happened again this time. Once we saw her name, Eustacia Vye rose, we tried to learn about the details of Eustacia Vye character in The Return of The Native. Then, we just felt like this must be the only name for this rose. You absolutely cannot find any better name for this gorgeous David Austin rose. The literacy name and the exotic beauty of the character nicely fits the charm of Eustacia Vye rose.

Second, Eustacia Vye rose has a strong fragrance that we always look for in a new rose. Unfortunately, David Austin only described her scent as “fruity”. In the last two years, David Austin introduced two other absolutely gorgeous roses, Emily Bronte (2018) and Gabriel Oak (2019). Although David Austin rated their fragrance strengths as ‘strong’. However, we did see the variations among them. Emily Bronte (2018) produces an incredible fragrance. Very strong. Very tasty. Next, it must be Gabriel Oak (2019). And, then, Eustacia Vye (2019). It is so delightful to have all of them in our garden.

David Austin has introduced 12 rose varieties best for fragrance including: Emily Bronte (2018), Harlow Carr, The Generous Gardener, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Gabriel Oak (2019), Gertrude Jekyll, Desdemona, R. Rugosa Alba, Claire Austin, Summer Song, Charles Darwin, The Poet’s Wife. According to our own experience, other David Austin roses are also heavenly scented, although they are not in David Austin’s list, e.g., Lady Emma Hamilton, Munstead Wood, Carolyn Knight. To a certain extent, Crown Princess Margareta also deserves a special mention.

We would like to make an extra comment regarding the strength level of David Austin roses. For some David Austin roses, it may take 2 or 3 years for the roses to live up to their true potential. For example, Princess Alexandra of Kent is extremely fragrant. However, in the first 2 or 3 years in your garden, her blooms would produce a light fragrance.

If you want some David Austin roses having an instant impact in terms of fragrance, you may want to consider 5 roses: Emily Bronte (2018), Lady Emma Hamilton, Munstead Wood, Eustacia Vye (2019) and Gabriel Oak (2019). They smell wonderful even in their first ever flush. You do not even have to put your nose into the blooms to detect their incredible scent. Just standing close to them is enough. Having 4 of them next to each other would make every morning of yours very delightful. Your garden is filled with their beautiful perfume.

Third, Eustacia Vye rose has a gorgeous bloom form. Her blooms are soft and dedicate apricot-pink. Over time, the blooms open to full rosettes. Even better, her blooms are very upright even in the first few years in your garden. So, you do not have make any effort at all to enjoy her beauty. And, she can make a great cut-flower.

Fourth, Eustacia Vye rose can tolerate shade, similarly to Gabriel Oak rose. Therefore, it is relatively easier to choose a spot for her in our gardens. Not surprisingly, Eustacia Vye can do extremely well even in the North-facing gardens. Indeed, Eustacia Vye is one of the best David Austin roses suitable for shady areas, according  Handbook of Roses 2019/2020. Nonetheless, David Austin suggests gardeners plant his roses where they can get at least 3-4 hours of sun a day.

Fifth, Eustacia Vye rose is a great rose for disease resistance. David Austin rates her as one with “excellent disease resistance”. David Austin is doing just so well on this dimension. Most (if not all) of his recent roses are rated as “excellent disease resistance”, such as Emily Bronte rose (2018), The Mill On The Floss rose (2018), and Gabriel Oak (2019).

Having a heathy rose in the garden is just a relief. Many of you may agree with me. The way we feel about our roses is very similar to how we feel about our children. We never stop worrying about them. ‘Is she doing well at school?’. ‘Is she having fun?’. Those questions never disappear in our head. It is the same with our roses. Seeing our roses thriving in the garden, without any back spot or rust, is a big pleasure for every gardener.

Sixth, Eustacia Vye is very vigorous. Have we emphasized this great trait of Eustacia Vye enough to you? I bet that her vigor can be compared with the strongest David Austin roses, for example, Lady of Shalott or Princess Alexandra of Kent. Gabriel Oak rose is also doing extremely well on this dimension. However, according to our experience, The Mill On The Floss (2018) is more vigorous than Eustacia Vye (2019).  In fact, The Mill On The Floss (2018) is a prime example of how vigorous a David Austin rose can be. The Mill On The Floss (2018) does produce arching canes. It has a nice upright growth habit.

This year probably is the best year so far for David Austin to date. They introduced 2 new varieties, Eustacia Vye and Gabriel Oak. Both of them are just incredible!!! We planted Eustacia Vye last March as a bare root. After a couple of weeks, she had new growths all over her stems. She is beating many David Austin roses that we planted earlier last January on the vigour dimension.

And seventh, she forms a nice medium sized bush (4ft x 3ft). Therefore, she is suitable for pot and container planting. Eustacia Vye is, in fact, one of the best David Austin roses for pots and containers.



Eustacia Vye rose: The cons

Eustacia Vye rose is an incredible rose. It is impossible to find any weakness from her. If I have to say one thing, it would be: David Austin made it so hard for us not to add her to our collection, which is already full of incredible roses. Along with Gabriel Oak rose, she is going to be the benchmark that we will use to judge all new David Austin roses from now on. Please take a look at her first ever flush in our garden in the UK. As we said, we planted her in mid March 2019 as a bare root. And, we took the following video in mid July. So, she is 4 months old.



If we really have to make one comment here, it would be about her fragrance strength. The team at The Right Roses all love fragrant roses. We expected that Eustacia Vye would be more fragrant. However, her scent is not as strong as those of Emily Bronte rose (2018) and Gabriel Oak (2019).

Eustacia Vye rose: The similarities

In terms of bloom form, we can find some similarity between Eustacia Vye rose and Abraham Darby. However, we believe that Eustacia Vye is a superior variety. She can tolerate shade, while Abraham Darby needs full sunlight. Both produce a strong fruity fragrance. Abraham Darby blooms are apricot, while Eustacia Vye blooms are light apricot pink.

 Eustacia Vye rose: The details

Height & Spread: 4ft x 3ft Color: Light apricot pink Fragrance: Strong
Fragrance notes: Fruity Flowering: Repeat flowering Suitable for containers: Yes
Sun exposure: Partial sunlight Bloom size: Large (3.5 – 5’’ or 9 – 12.5 cm) Disease resistance: Excellent

Photo credit: The Right Roses |

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If Vye roses are best for windy and wet weather, I will consider buying them for my Northern home. Hope it will survive the depressing weather here. Thanks, Rightroses. team

Thank you Louise. Eustachia Vye must be the right rose for the UK. Her ability to resist windy and weather fits our climate like gloves. You cannot do any wrong with this stunning Austin rose.


Vye roses can tolerate the wind, but do you think I need canes to support them? team

Thank you Claire for your questions and comments. It is still early days. However, as far as I can see her in my garden, she looks very robust in the UK. Therefore, it is likely she does not need to be staked.

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