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The Mill On The Floss rose. The Right Roses. Rose reviews. Rose comments. Photo credit: David Austin 2018.
'Rose Review' Series Color: Pink David Austin roses Disease resistance: Average Disease resistance: Good Flowering: Repeat flowering Fragrance: medium - strong Ideal: Pots & Containers Ideal: Shady areas Rose: Shrub rose Shrub size: Large (5 ft) Shrub size: Medium - Large (4.5 ft)

The Mill On The Floss Rose Review | David Austin 2018

The Mill On The Floss rose


Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerance of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Her blooms are incredibly gorgeous with picotee edges
  • Vigorous


  • Bloom size: very small (1 – 2’’ or 2.5 – 5 cm) at first
  • Eventually, her bloom size is about 'medium' (2 - 3'' or 5 - 7 cm)
  • Fragrance: only medium-strong, not very strong
  • Her disease resistance is more like 'average'
  • She does not rebloom extremely well
  • Blooms do not last long (2 days)
  • Not a good cut flower



English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin

David Austin

Bears large clusters of neat, deeply cupped blooms, each with a small boss of stamens. Initially mid pink, verging on lilac-pink, they pale as they open, the individual petals beautifully defined by their carmine edges. Held above the foliage, they nod gracefully on gently arching growth, and have a sweet fruity fragrance. A healthy variety; it makes a bushy shrub, clothed in glossy foliage. Named after the novel by George Eliot. David Austin, 2018.

The Right Roses:

David Austin introduced The Mill On The Floss rose for the UK in 2018. David Austin named her after the popular novel by George Eliot (22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880), first published in 1860. George Eliot is a leading writer of the Victorian era.

Rose ‘The Mill On The Floss’ is an extremely gorgeous rose! In terms of appearance, she could be among the most elegant David Austin roses. She is just incredibly beautiful that you would be entranced by her charm from far away. Her beauty standouts even though she is covered by many other beautiful David Austin roses.

Nonetheless, you must be extremely patient with rose ‘The Mill On The Floss’! If that is still not clear, please you must give her time to get established in your garden.


“…you must be extremely patient with rose ‘The Mill On The Floss!”

The Right Roses |


The Mill On The Floss rose: The pros

The Mill On The Floss rose has three strengths.

First, The Mill On The Floss is such a departure for an English rose. In fact, she is the first David Austin rose variety which has a picotee edge. The strong-pink edge can turn to lilac as the flowers age. She is just so gorgeous. Probably, it is easier to describe her charm by taking photos than by words. Simply, we just ran out of words to talk about her. Her beauty is almost like the best peonies that you have ever seen. However, probably peonies do not have that innocient and elegant look. Please do not get us wrong. We all love peonies. However, The Mill On The Floss rose is just another thing (or class). 

Second, she can tolerate a little bit of shade (>4 hours of sun). This trait makes it even easier for you to be able to enjoy her beauty. However, shade may hugely damage her productivity. She is every stingy in our garden even with about 5 hours of direct sun.

Third, she is a vigorous rose. She can get to about 3 – 4 ft tall only after one year in the ground in your garden. Therefore, it would be wise to give her a sufficient space. We decided to plant her at the back of our garden. In terms of size, probably it was a wise choice. However, in terms of sensation, it was a wrong choice, probably. It does not allow us to get closer to her every day. She is something that really can make your day.



The Mill On The Floss rose: The cons

The Mill On The Floss rose has five weaknesses.

First, her biggest weakness is that she needs time to fully show off her beauty. In her first flush in the garden, comparing to other David Austin roses, such as The Ancient Mariner rose or Princess Alexandra of Kent rose, the blooms of The Mill On The Floss rose are so tiny (1 – 2’’ or 2.5 – 5 cm). As all gardeners usually put a lot of effort into our roses, the small size of her blooms would not make us particularly excited.

Second, David Austin ranked her fruity fragrance only as “medium-strong”, not absolutely “strong”. And, according to our experience, the fragrance of The Mill On The Floss is not certainly as strong as those of Gertrude Jekyll or Emily Bronte. Therefore, if you buy a rose solely for her fragrance, she is not the right rose.

Third, David Austin ranked her disease resistance as “excellent”. But, according to the team at The Right Roses, that is an obvious overstatement. She does get black spot on her shrub even though it is in the middle of the summer. We strongly believe that her disease resistance should be “good” or “average”.

Fourth, she does not rebloom particularly well (even with about 5 hours of direct sun in our garden). This is what we do not like much about her. Not like other David Austin roses such as Princess Alexandra of Kent rose, Boscobel, or Royal Jubilee, The Mill On The Floss is not an extremely prolific rose. In fact, regarding some varieties such as Princess Alexandra of Kent rose, or Gabriel Oak, we cannot remember how many flushes or blooms they reward us. The Mill On The Floss is very stingy, giving us only a few (3 – 4 blooms every now and then). Quite disappointing indeed.

And, fifth, her blooms do not last long. On the stems, they wilt quickly (2 – 3 days at most), even though we planted her in partial shade in our garden. As a result, The Mill On The Floss would not make a wonderful cut flower.

The Mill On The Floss rose: The details

Height & Spread: 4.5ft x 4ft Color: Mid pink Fragrance: Medium-strong
Fragrance notes: Fruity Flowering: Repeat flowering Suitable for containers: Yes
Sun exposure: Partial sunlight Bloom size: Small (1 – 2’’ or 2.5 – 5 cm) Disease resistance: Good – average (The Right Roses), Excellent (David Austin)

Photo credit: The Right Roses |

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1 year ago

What are the difference between Mill on the floss DA and Royal Jubilee DA?

1 year ago

Hi, Rightroses. Do you know where I can find Mill on the floss DA rose in the US? team
1 year ago
Reply to  Charlie

Thank you Charlie for your comments and question. Unfortunately, David Austin has not introduced The Mill On The Floss rose for the US yet. Probably, next year or so.

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