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'Rose Review' Series Color: Pink Disease resistance: Good Flowering: Repeat flowering Meilland roses Rose: Climbing

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) Climbing Rose Review | Meilland 1985

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) Climbing Rose


Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerance of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Beautiful blooms
  • Attractive dark foliage
  • Quite healthy


  • Not floriferous
  • Light fragrance
  • Long time to get established
  • Stiff canes
  • Need full sunlight


Climbing Rose bred by Meilland

David Austin

Rounded, deeply cupped, full flowers of creamy white and suffused with pink most intensely at the edge of the petals. There is a slight fragrance. It repeat flowers well and is excellent for a pillar.

The Right Roses:

Meilland introduced Eden for France in 1985 as ‘Pierre de Ronsard’. Since then, Eden has well established itself as one of the very top favorite roses around the world. As a result, in 2006 Eden was inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame of The World Federation of Rose Societies.

Interestingly, Meilland has 5 varieties included in the Rose Hall of Fame, while David Austin has only one variety, Graham Thomas. If we look at a bigger picture, this list also shows that the world of roses is incredibly beautiful, challenging and constantly evolving. A trend may come and go, e.g., Hybrid Tea and English roses. Who know how the market would look like in 20 years? And, it may take our whole life just to have a better understanding of roses and our own preference as gardeners.

                                                      Hall of Fame Roses

Induction year Name Breeder Introduced year
1976 ‘Peace’ Meilland 1939
1979 ‘Queen Elizabeth’ Lammerts 1954
1981 ‘Fragrant Cloud’ Tantau 1963
1983 ‘Iceberg’ Kordes 1958
1985 ‘Double Delight’ Swim & Ellis 1977
1988 ‘Papa Meilland’ Meilland 1963
1991 ‘Pascali’ Lens 1963
1994 ‘Just Joey’ Cant 1972
1997 ‘New Dawn’ Dreer 1930
2000 ‘Ingrid Bergman’ Poulsen 1984
2003 ‘Bonica 82’ Meilland 1981
2006 ‘Eden’ or ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ Meilland 1985
2006 ‘Elina’ Dickson 1984
2009 ‘Graham Thomas’ David Austin 1983
2012 ‘Sally Holmes’ Holmes 1976
2015 ‘Cocktail’ Meilland 1957

Note: 3 May 2020


Coming back to our rose of the day today, Eden, no doubt, is one of the most famous roses in the world. In our opinion, there are good reasons for that, despite a few of her shortcomings.


“‘Eden, no doubt, is one of the most famous roses in the world.”

The Right Roses |


Eden (Pierre Ronsard) rose: The pros

Eden has two main strengths.

First, the biggest strength is its exceptionally spectacular Spring flush. When it is at its best, almost nothing can be compared with it. We strongly believe that this could be the reason why it is one of the most popular roses around the world. It is such a treat for our eyes. Especially, if you enjoy its beauty from a few feet away. Absolutely stunning! It does not get much better than that. It is something that is more enjoyable when you see it from a distance. We will come back to this point when we talk about its weaknesses.

Second, it produces very attractive dark foliage. Coupling with this, Eden is quite disease-resistant, particularly for an older rose. David Austin suggested that its disease resistance is ‘excellent’. However, Eden does still get black spot, although it is not very serious or completely defoliated. Therefore, it is more precise to describe its disease resistance as ‘good’.

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) rose: The cons

Eden has five weaknesses.

First, Eden is not floriferous. In other words, it does not repeat well. It will produce an incredibly gorgeous Spring flush and very little after that. In fact, that is from year 2 or 3. In the first couple of years, Eden is even stingier. To be precise, Eden would do better if it was your neighbor’s rose. You visit her garden, enjoy its exceptional charm for a moment (feel a little jealous!) and go. If it is your own rose, that jealousy may turn into frustration. Despite your effort, it does not reward you much after the Spring flush. So, it behaves like an old garden rose.

Second, its fragrance is very light (almost to nothing). In our opinion, this must be one of its biggest shortcomings, along with its not very good productivity. It looks incredibly attractive for a moment. And, that is it. Therefore, some gardeners may find it kind of bland. Have you experienced something like this in your life? This is the reason why we said that we should enjoy Eden from a distance. The awe would somehow get depleted if you stay next to Eden and realize that the look is everything it has. Still extremely gorgeous though. We must emphasize this point again.

Third, it takes Eden about 3 – 4 years to be established. If you love Eden, please give it time. In the earlier years, Eden produces very little. Even in its well-known Spring flush. Once, it gets established, it is a big rose (15ft or 4.5 m). Therefore, you should give it a lot of space.

Fourth, its canes are stiff. Therefore, it is very hard to train them.

And, fifth, you should give it good soil and sunlight. It does not do extremely well with poorer soil.

Eden (Pierre Ronsard)  rose in different climates

Gardener Country Zone Experience
Tracee Tuck USA, Alabama 7b “I have Eden in red and pink they’re amazing and very healthy and hardy in my Alabama garden”.

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) rose: The similarities

If you want a climbing rose for your garden, you may want to consider a few other alternatives along with Eden. The Generous Gardener is a very reliable climbing rose. It is very disease resistant and tolerant of shade well. Its fragrance is extremely tasty and strong. Zephirine Drouhin can also tolerate shade very well. Its fragrance is incredible. Nonetheless, its health is poor. New Dawn is another popular alternative. It tolerates shade very well. However, you should be aware of its sharp thorns.

Eden (Pierre Ronsard) rose: The details

Height: 15ft (4.5 m) Color: Medium pink Fragrance: Light
Fragrance notes: Tea Flowering: Repeat Flowering Suitable for containers: Yes. But, not recommended.
Sun exposure: Full sunlight Bloom size: 3’’ or 7 cm Disease resistance: Good (The Right Roses), Excellent (David Austin)
Zones: 5 – 11 Petal count: 60 Sub type: N/A

Photo credit: Jamain

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Vic Maurice
Vic Maurice
5 months ago

This is the only rose I’d buy regradless of all cons.

Patricia Davidson
Patricia Davidson
4 months ago

I had great hopes for Pretty in Pink Eden. After 3 years, she was big and strong. There were LOADS of blossoms during the May/June flush in zone 6a. But, after that flush, almost nothing. And this Eden rose has required a lot of maintenance every year: there is pervasive black spot, even with spraying. And the monster canes sprawl everywhere unless you diligently tie them back every other week and trim them frequently. The black spot got so bad on this Pink Eden in mid-July, I cut away the diseased branches — there was a huge pile of canes… Read more »

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