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Rose New Dawn The Right Roses review climbing classic photo credit: Georges Seguin (Okki)
'Rose Review' Series Color: Pink Disease resistance: Average Fragrance: medium Ideal: Poor Soil Ideal: Shady areas Other Breeders Rose: Climbing

New Dawn Rose Review | Dreer 1930

New Dawn Rose


Fragrance Strength


Repeat Flowering


Bloom Size




Suitable for containers


Tolerance of shade


Disease resistance


Tolerance of poor soil


Few thorns


Best for cuttings



  • Attractive foliage
  • Incredibly vigorous
  • Tolerate shade very well
  • Tolerate poor soil


  • Stiff canes
  • Too large
  • Thorny
  • Not floriferous


Climbing Rose bred by Dreer

David Austin

This is the forerunner of the modern perpetual flowering climbers. It produces clusters of sweetly fragrant, medium-sized, silvery soft pink flowers, which deepen in colour towards the centre. There is plentiful glossy foliage. This is the forerunner of the modern perpetual flowering climbers. Dreer, 1930.

The Right Roses:

Dreer introduced New Dawn for the U.S in 1930. Since then, New Dawn has become one of the most popular roses throughout the world.

The Right Roses firmly believe that New Dawn is a classic climber, widely known and appreciated. Nonetheless, in order to have a good experience with New Dawn, gardeners must make sure that they know very well the good things and the very bad things usually being associated with New Dawn.


“… gardeners must make sure that they know very well the good things and the very bad things usually being associated with New Dawn.


The Right Roses |


New Dawn rose: The pros

New Dawn has four strengths.

First, New Dawn has such attractive foliage. To us, this is the biggest strength of New Dawn. We are a big fan of roses which have glossy foliage. The highly shiny foliage adds so much to the overall attractiveness of roses. They would look a lot healthier and attractive. David Austin also has introduced several good roses with beautiful glossy foliage, such as Emily Bronte (2018), The Mill On The Floss (2018) and Carolyn Knight (2013). Unfortunately, Carolyn Knight (2013) is not the healthiest rose.

Second, New Dawn is an incredibly vigorous rose. In fact, this characteristic can be both a strength and weakness of New Dawn. Therefore, we will come back to this point again when we talk about its weaknesses. In general, it would take many roses about 3 years to get established in a garden. New Dawn does not need that much time at all. By its second year in your garden, you would be amazed at how much New Dawn has grown. Exceptionally vigorous! It can get to 6 -7 ft tall by year 2. As a result, you should give it a lot of space. And, it is a great rose to cover a large amount of wall. It is also a great rose to train along a chain link fence.

Third, New Dawn can tolerate shade extremely well. It can thrive with just about 5 hours of direct sunlight. However, according to our experience, no matter how well a rose can tolerate shade, you should plant roses in a sunny spot to enjoy great crops of blooms. Of course, this comment would not apply to gardeners who live in warmer climates. We are well aware that many English roses do not do extremely well in hot climates.

Fourth, it can tolerate poor soil well and very hardy. It is truly a care-free rose. Therefore, New Dawn is a wonderful rose for less-than-ideal positions.

New Dawn rose: The cons

New Dawn has four serious weaknesses. You must consider these weaknesses carefully before deciding to go with New Dawn.

First, its canes are so stiff that you would find it very hard to train it.

Second, New Dawn will be come a monster in no time in your garden (15ft or 4.5m). Many gardeners underrate how vigorous it is. In year one or two, we would be thrilled to have a vigorous rose like New Dawn in the garden. However, the experience will quickly become so negative from year 3. It is extremely hard to control New Dawn. And, that is not all.

Third, New Dawn is so thorny. Therefore, it is not that you fail to control her. It is more like New Dawn will control you. You get scared of New Dawn. Since it is too thorny with stiff canes, you are scared of getting closer to it. In the end, it will become an unruly mess.

Fourth, New Dawn is not floriferous. Its productivity is alright in the beginning. However, the productivity slows down significantly. Eventually, it will return to its root (parent). For your information, New Dawn is a spot of Dr. W. Van Fleet, which is a once-flowering variety. Therefore, it would not surprise us much to see that New Dawn does not repeat well. And, as mentioned above, it is so thorny. You are more and more hesitant to get close to it to deadhead it. Consequently, it has a very bad impact on New Dawn’s productivity.             

New Dawn rose in different climates

To be updated.

New Dawn rose: The similarities

To us, New Dawn looks quite similar to Strawberry Hill. In fact, Strawberry Hill is a much better climber. It is very vigorous, but its size is much more manageable (10ft). Strawberry Hill produces a strong fragrance (better than New Dawn). In addition, the bloom form is just incredible.

New Dawn rose: The details

Height: 15 ft or 4.5 m Color: Pale pink Fragrance: Medium
Fragrance notes: Fruity Flowering: Repeat flowering Suitable for containers: No
Sun exposure: Partial sunlight Bloom size: Medium (2 – 3.5 or 5 – 9 cm) Disease resistance: Average
Zones: 6-11 Petal count: 40 Sub type: Heritage climbing rose

Photo credit: Georges Seguin (Okki)


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12 days ago

Just wondering why you didn’t mention the much tamer and fuller petaled sport Awakening? Considered to be a better repeat bloomer.

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