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Pat Austin rose. Spirit of Freedom rose. The Right Roses. photo credit Louise Vyrvick USA
'My Favorite Roses' Series Color: Apricot & Orange Color: Orange David Austin roses Disease resistance: Poor Flowering: Repeat flowering Fragrance: medium Garden Inspiration Heat tolerance Rose: Shrub rose Shrub size: Medium (4 ft) Zone 10 Zone 9

‘My Favorite Roses’ Series | Rose ‘Pat Austin’ | Ms. Louise Myrvik




At The Right Roses, we support two important causes:

  1. The Best Rose Experience’.
  2. Together We Protect This Planet’.

The team at The Right Roses firmly believe that, with the support from all members, collectively we can make a big difference. Moreover, sharing your own experience and stories will be such an important way to enrich the resources for rose-lovers all over the world.

This time, we would like to share with you a story from Louise Myrvik, a passionate gardener from the US. We hope that her story can be a source of inspiration to many gardeners. We highly appreciate Louise’s contribution.

We look forward to many other stories around the world. Please send your rose experience to



  • Country: Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Hardiness zone: between 9b and 10
  • Aspect (e.g., South-facing garden): Southern exposure
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the summer: N/A
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the winter: N/A
  • Spray or not: Yes
  • Name of the rose(s): Rose Pat Austin
  • Breeder: David Austin 1995


“I live in Tampa, Florida which fluctuates between 9b and 10.  Moved here to be near my grandson and left a wonderful garden and four seasons in Tennessee. 

Because I rent and the soil here is sandy as all get out, I plant in large containers. So far about 25 roses most of which are David Austin’s.  But Pat Austin is amazing.  She is planted on a large terra-cotta pot facing a southern exposure. If anyone knows what that means in Florida, it’s a challenge.  It’s very warm (sometimes hot) and humid with plenty of afternoon thunderstorms. This rose just keeps blooming and growing. 

I do make sure all my roses are watered daily and use organic compost as a top layer.  I make a nice soil mix which includes bone meal, alfalfa, worm castings, and Espoma rose food. Black spot has not been a real issue compared to my hybrid teas I have.  I do spray at night. 

The orangish bloom is Pat Austin paired with Spirit of Freedom and an unopened Munstead Woods”.


Photo credit: Ms. Louise Myrvik

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Cherrie Lucasan
Cherrie Lucasan
8 months ago

Pat Austin has the most intense apricot-orange color that does not fade quickly.She tolerates rain (Ireland)and is one of my DA favorite.Strong frangrance and quite resilient to strong winds I planted her south facing and in a windy area.She blooms floriferously.But she gets so much black spot and defoliates.Even though she has very little leaves left due to the fungus she still continues to bloom a lot.She requires spraying.But because of her beauty she is worth keeping.

Cherrie Lucasan
Cherrie Lucasan
8 months ago

I am delighted to find Right Rose series homepage i do follow your reviews.I have about 35 DA’s variety in my garden .I started in 2014.I added another 9 with great help from your reviews.Again…to Right Rose thank you so much!

3 months ago

I have Pat Austin in my front garden here in Perth, Western Australia. The house faces east. It gets very hot here in summer, but dry heat, no humidity, so it doesn’t get black spot here. This is a beautiful rose, it seems to be constantly blooming. My gardener pruned it not long ago and it was looking a bit straggly, foliage wise (we’re coming in to summer heat), but it just decided to bloom again and it looks fantastic covered in its orange blooms. It’s quite thorny and the thorns can be “vicious” so you might need to consider… Read more »

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