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This time, we would like to share with you a story of a visitor from Oregon, USA about his beloved rose ‘Jude The Obscure’. According to him, rose ‘Jude The Obscure’ is such a wonderful rose. Therefore, he does not totally agree with our review!

This is exactly what The Right Roses is about. There is no ‘right roses’ for every garden. It is very specific to each garden, e.g., the soil, climate, aspect, etc. By sharing your own rose experiences, you can enhance the rose experience of millions of gardeners worldwide. And, The Right Roses highly appreciate any contributions visitors can provide.

We hope that this story can be a source of inspiration to many gardeners. We highly appreciate Mr N’s contribution.

We look forward to many other stories around the world. Please send your rose experience to


Name of the Rose: Jude The Obscure

Breeder: David Austin 1995

Country: Oregon USA

Zone: 8

Number of hours of direct sunlight in the summer: 3 or 4 hours a day

Spray or not: Totally organic

How long have you planted this rose in your garden?: 10+ years


Hi. Would like to disagree strongly with some of your description of Jude the Obscure. First of all, it is very shade tolerant. When it was first introduced at Heirloom Roses here in Oregon, they had a whole bed of it in the shade for years. It did fine. Mine is in the shade most of the day and is vigorous.

Secondly I have not found it to be either a slow grower OR susceptible to disease. I have had mine for years and it booms up every summer, and almost never has any black spot.

My biggest problem is how to control the color. I love the yummy creamy yellow. Not fond of the flesh pink that it sometimes has, although in the right setting this could come across as subtle and rich, I suppose. The difference seems to be temperature, but never been sure.

It is six feet tall and covered in blooms. I just cut some the other day and they are doing fine.  So I might also want to disagree with the idea that it is not a good cut flower.

I would note that the photo I sent is from this summer — in previous years that Jude had to deal with a third tree, even closer to it, that died and was removed.  (Not to mention the shed about 6 feet away on the south side.)  But even with three trees the Jude was happy.  It can be a short climber, and it was vigorous enough when there were three trees to clamber around on the closest tree.

Two of the three trees shading it were Carpinus Japonica which have high vase-shaped canopies, not dense low shade.  The third one, visible in the picture is an immense maple that shades it from about mid-afternoon on.

My Jude is own-root (as are all my roses).  Don’t know if that might make a difference.


Photo credit: Mr N


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Jay Tate
Jay Tate
10 months ago

I am in the uk. I have Jude the Obscure in a pot and it isn’t happy. Doesn’t flower well at all. Given it a good feed recently so hoping it will improve. I saw it in Highgrove
but was in the ground there and the perfume and display was outstanding that was why I bought it. I have Champagne Moment which flowers well and so does windflower and have just bought Arthur Bell for the perfume and awaiting a flower to open very soon. All in pots.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jay Tate

If you cannot put him in the ground he needs to have a pot at least 18″ deep with the compost kept moist at all times during the summer (if possible place the pot into a large bucket so the compost can become saturated). Feed & water & he will flower for you,

10 months ago

Jay, Thank you for sharing your success with this lovely rose. I will keep your good results in mind when friends ask for recommendations of a Rose to try in slight shade. It is fascinating to once again hear of the contrasting performance of what is objectively an excellent Rose. Very happy to know Jude the Obscure is doing well for you. Many years ago – just few years into my strong interest in roses, I was fortunate to meet a master Rosarian. In our walk through his astounding garden of literally thousands of healthy beautiful roses – I was… Read more »

10 months ago

Good morning to you all. I have 2 Jude the obscure in my garden – if I can give my experience of this incredible rose, it is that he must be fed & well watered. Since taking extra time & effort with this rose this year he has come on a treat. I personally would not really say he was great as a cut flower (having said that even a few days in a vase is bliss, the scent is heavenly & this rose is so easy to cut as there are almost no thorns – which is a godsend… Read more »

10 months ago

Yes, with pleasure. I live in the South East of England & have a South/West facing rear garden & an east facing front garden. I have roses in both. I have 2 Jude the obscure shrub roses at about 5 years in the ground bought as 1 potted & 1 bare root. in my experience of growing roses the bare root ones seem to get established quicker than the potted, especially if they are a bit pot bound. Both these JTO roses established quickly. 1 rose has full summer sun all day & about 4 hrs in the winter due… Read more »

Sheryl Gleason
Sheryl Gleason
3 months ago

10years Merrill ,Wisconsin zone 4. It grows very well , in the spring of course I prune it to the ground almost 2-3” because of the freeze. After it starts leafs out give it fertilizer and mulch it and it has beautiful buds orange and turn into golden apricot. It gets 6 hrs of sun. One of my favs very little disease. Med size a great fragrance. And repeat is good.

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