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Rose Lady of Shalott Munstead Wood. my biggest surprise rose series. my favorite roses series. photo credit Bethany 26 Nov 2019
'My Biggest Surprise' Series 'My Favorite Roses' Series Award winning Color: Apricot & Orange Color: Orange David Austin roses Disease resistance: Excellent Flowering: Repeat flowering Fragrance: medium Heat tolerance Ideal: Attracting bees Ideal: Back of border Ideal: Shady areas Shrub size: Medium (4 ft) Zone 7





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The team at The Right Roses firmly believe that, with the support from all members, collectively we can make a big difference. Moreover, sharing your own experience and stories will be such an important way to enrich the resources for rose-lovers all over the world, including YOU.

This time, we would like to share with you a story from Bethany, a passionate gardener from the US. We hope that her story can be a source of inspiration to many gardeners. We highly appreciate Bethany’s contribution.

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  • Country: USA
  • Hardiness zone: 7
  • Aspect (e.g., South-facing garden): N/A
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the summer: N/A
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the winter: N/A
  • Spray or not: N/A
  • Name of the rose(s): Rose ‘Lady of Shalott’
  • Breeder: David Austin 2009


Rose Lady of Shalott Munstead Wood. my biggest surprise rose series. my favorite roses series. photo credit Bethany 26 Nov 2019
Rose ‘Lady of Shalott’ and rose ‘Munstead Wood’. ‘My Biggest Surprise’ series and ‘My Favorite Roses’ series. Photo credit: Bethany. 26 November 2019


There have been many surprises in my journey with roses. The first has been how much I love them!

        It all started with a climbing rose located in a dark corner of the backyard of the house we bought ten years ago. I knew pretty much nothing about flower gardening, but I did know it was a rose from the thorns. It barely bloomed and seemed on the brink of death. With time, I realized it was a climbing rose because it had longer canes. After some google research, I learned how to care for it. With some TLC in the form of feeding and mulching, it started to flourish. I still don’t know what kind it is, but it now blooms beautifully with red flowers in the spring.

        Upon realizing how much a climbing rose can spruce up even an ugly chain link fence, I ran off to Lowes and bought another. It was a poor choice. I planted it in a bad spot, and it didn’t survive. Through more google research, I learned that not all roses are the same and there are many qualities to consider: disease resistance, whether it repeat flowers, light needs, color, scent, size, etc.

       Then I discovered David Austin roses. I’m really not sure how, probably through my online research. A whole new world opened up! I loved browsing the website, learning about the different varieties, and I was determined to buy some for my garden. My first two were Munstead Wood and Lady of Shalott. I love them both.

      My biggest surprise and favorite has been Lady of Shalott. I love the color of the flowers- a perfect peachy pink- and that it blooms almost continually with consistent feeding. It doesn’t have perfect disease resistance and gets black spot in our humid climate, but that hasn’t kept me from loving it. The surprise has been that it wants to be a climber in my southern US zone 7. At first this frustrated me, it is not an attractive shrub with it’s octopus canes! But, then I realized I can buy an obelisk and can train the canes up it. This will add interest, height, and even more blooms to cut! 

     The other perk of this discovery has been that I can buy more! I’ve been in search of a climber to train up two posts on my front porch. Since the porch is small, I’ve wanted something that wasn’t gigantic and wouldn’t require constant pruning. I also want good flowering. I had just started to give up my search when I realized I already owned a beautiful short climber. Lady of Shallott is the perfect size and color for my porch!

      Rose gardening has taught me to be flexible and creative. It’s a joy to take care of my roses and be rewarded with gorgeous blooms! It always amazes me that a $30 investment and a little TLC can reward you with such beauty


Photo credit: Bethany

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