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'My Biggest Surprise' Series

Invitation to Share Your Rose Experience | ‘My Biggest Surprise’ Series



Dear gardeners,

We hope you are enjoying a great weekend.

Autumn is a beautiful season. We have so many things to look forward to in Autumn, such as the bare root rose season, the tulip planting season, and Christmas. However, it is also a very sad moment for gardeners like us. Summer is lost. And, we have to say goodbye to our roses!

Nonetheless, on the bright side, Autumn is a great time for us to reflect on what went wrong and what went particularly right. It is the time we share with other gardeners our greatest success during the summer. What roses has become your favourite? What rose has been a great pleasant surprise? What rose did much better than what you had expected?

At The Right Roses, we support two causes:

  1. ‘The Best Rose Experience’
  2. ‘Together We Protect Our Planet’

To support those causes, we invite you to share your experience with thousands of members at The Right Roses community. This time, the topic is: “what rose(s) has (have) been your biggest pleasant surprise during the summer?”.

  • It can be a new rose or the one planted years ago.
  • Language: preferably English, but not mandatory. In other words, you can write in Italian, French, Spanish, etc. We believe that everyone can use Google Translate.
  • Length: no limit. However, we would like to hear a lot from you. What you expected before planting it? What did you like most about it? What did not you really like about it, but could put up with? The bloom size (it would be great if we can be  slightly more precise)? The fragrance strength? How well can it tolerate (intense) heat? Any comments on its disease resistance? The shape of the shrub? Octopus canes? How well does it repeat? And, is it vigorous? The more details you can give us the better.
  • Photos: the more photos the better
  • Deadline: no deadline. We would like to make this as an on-going series at The Right Roses.
  • Publication: We will publish your submission under your name. Anything you share with us with be clearly and carefully credited. Please take a look at a story about rose ‘Pat Austin’ shared by Louise Myrvik for example.
  • Submission: Please send your experience to

At the beginning of your writing, please include the following form.

  • Country:
  • Your hardiness zone:
  • Your aspect (e.g., South-facing garden):
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the summer:
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight in the winter:
  • Spray or not:
  • Name of the rose(s): It can be a David Austin rose or any other rose varieties.
  • Breeder: any rose breeders
  • How long have you planted this rose in your garden? (e.g., 2 years):
  • Rose type (e.g., shrub or standard):

We strongly believe that thousands of members at The Right Roses community will highly appreciate any contribution you can provide us with.

We look forward to hearing many interesting stories around the world.


Team The Right Roses

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Pamela Draper
Pamela Draper
3 months ago

I have, many roses, but there are two rose trees called Audrey Wilcox. It is a tall bush and has really good sized blooms of mixed pink shades and crinkly edges to the petals. It holds its head up beautifully and usually starts to flower in May in abundance and then continuously but more sparsely throughout the summer. It is probably the last rose to flower. This year, It was flood level rain in England this winter and up to April, when it went to being extremely dry. None of my roses liked it. The soil is clay and it… Read more »

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